Few Things To Remember To Ensure Safety During Patient Transfer

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2 min readJul 20, 2021


Patient transfer oftentimes can be a difficult task for healthcare providers. There are a lot of factors that should be considered such as the patient’s size and mobility, device and equipment used, and many more.

Transfers commonly occur with the use of beds, wheelchairs, sitting chairs, toilets and cars. It is the duty of healthcare providers to ensure safety during and after the transfer. This is why we have outlined the things that you should bear in mind to prevent injury from happening during a patient transfer.

1. Communicate consistently

Risk of injuries can be reduced if there is a clear and consistent verbal communication between the patient and the healthcare provider as well as the other people that assists.

2. Follow safe practices

To move the person safely, you must follow practices and body mechanics such as lifting with your legs and not with your back.

3. Remember that it is not simply about the size

There are many conditions regarding the weight limit of a patient even when the patient can cooperate. Healthcare providers must be aware of the weight of the patient and their limitations. It is recommended to always request for assistance if needed.

4. Use proper tools and equipment

There are patient handling equipment and devices that can control hazards associated with patient transfers. Not only does it reduce incidents and injuries among patients and the healthcare provider but it also improves quality of care provided to the patient. Also, training for the healthcare providers to use such devices and equipment properly is necessary.

With this information, you can avoid injuries that might harm you or the person under your care. GooZam Grow provides you the knowledge that can make you more productive and at the same time improve safety at the workplace. To know more how GooZam Grow can help you and your agency, you may request for a quotation here: www.goozamgrow.com/registration-plan.



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