Healthcare Ethics In Practice

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4 min readAug 31, 2021

In your career, healthcare ethics will always play a vital role. Each decision you will make must be questioned if it is within the community ethical standards, or simply if it is ethical for you. You have learned and trained the norms of healthcare in our current society yet, it is difficult when it is challenged. That is why we’re here to help you and guide you on what you can do. Here are the ways healthcare ethics are being practiced.

  1. Time and effort with healthcare ethics

Ethical decisions require a more deliberative style than many healthcare workers are used to. As a healthcare provider, you should gather information, traverse ethical issues, and ask the necessary questions. This means that you must provide time for this task and must not be overwhelmed with your responsibility. You may also be required to schedule your time, be efficient in obtaining important information, and share some responsibilities with other qualified caregivers.

2. Ethics in morality and region

Healthcare ethics is different from morality. Morality is mostly adhering to a certain belief system or code of conduct, while ethics are values and reason, and it requires convincing uses to establish its words.

Healthcare ethics is flexible in nature when it comes to solutions, it is based mostly on facts and logic. You may have opinions regarding politics and faith, but it would be wise to put that aside when providing ethical opinions on those with a different morality.

3. Disagreement on patients and, or their family

There are times the patients and their families will disagree with the healthcare provider, an example is when our own personal values come first before the patient’s well-being. As you may already know, personal values can sometimes differ from healthcare ethics.

We must never forget that in our career, Healthcare ethics must be upheld. Caregivers are expected to set their beliefs aside and focus on the best interests of the patient.

4. Different ethical issues on the same problem

There are no predetermined solutions to ethical dilemmas, even professionals with a solid foundation for ethics can disagree on answers. Though they may hold the same core values accompanied by the same logic, they may lack the necessary facts.

It would be wise to again practice the basics of Healthcare ethics, such as providing the patient a choice, do no harm, or always putting the patient’s well-being first.

5. Ethics on refraining from judging your colleagues behavior

Some of your colleagues may have behavior that is questionable to your values. As always, however, it will always be wise to consult your knowledge of healthcare ethics.

As a healthcare provider, you are expected to prioritize the well-being of your patient. This refers to the responsibility to report a colleague that is doing harm or untoward actions to a patient or himself. Examples like a colleague that abuses drugs, in the influence of alcohol during duty, or mistreats the patient.

6. Healthcare ethics and the law

Healthcare ethics may have different standards than the law. The law was created by legislators and may not share the values and reasoning of healthcare workers.

You may want to clarify the boundaries and responsibilities you have with your colleagues and supervisors. Make sure that each action and the proper practice of healthcare ethics is done so as this has been tailored as best as possible to stand with the law.

7. Unethical behavior

Medical or healthcare malpractice cases may need to have proof of harm, the healthcare industry can take action against many behaviors that are widely considered unethical even when no harm takes place. An example would be the definition of unprofessional conduct promulgated by the Federation of State Medical Boards, the trade group for state boards, which includes “patient abuse” and “dishonesty.”

Healthcare ethics can be a dilemma that you may encounter, however never be swayed that this is your foundation when making decisions within your career. As a healthcare professional, we must understand healthcare ethics and hold up to high medical ethical standards to be able to deliver quality care to patients. GooZam Grow, as a learning tool, aims to aid you in improving patient outcomes and more. Register your agency for FREE now.



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