Why Should Your Agency Have Access To The Emergency Preparedness Program Course?

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3 min readSep 13, 2021

Natural disasters and emergencies are not a “what if” but more of a “when will”. Understandably, these two concepts happen inevitably. For agencies, an emergency preparedness plan should be in place. The emergency plan should specify different approaches to sudden emergency situations or disasters that may occur.

GooZam Grow is an eLearning platform for organizations aimed at advancing human capacities to prepare for the future of work. It serves as the tool for volunteer organizations and agencies in the first response to introduce new concepts and train for new skills to their members online. This includes courses necessary for your agency such as the Emergency Preparedness Program (EPP). Here are three reasons why you should take this course.

1. The EPP course is meant to satisfy all applicable federal, state, and local emergency preparedness requirements in healthcare organizations.

There are standards the state and government have put in place to maintain the quality and safety of an agency. One of those requirements is for the agency to develop an emergency preparedness program that meets the required standards. This ensures the agency is to be functional and well equipped at times of crisis.

2. The main objective of our EPP course is to equip your agency with the right materials to help in the preparation and implementation of your emergency plan.

Planning ahead is never a bad idea when it comes to emergency situations. Being prepared can reduce the impact of disasters or emergencies and can also help avoid being in danger.

3. Outlined in each topic of this course are the specific requirements for healthcare agencies to guide them in their planning for both natural and man-made disasters.

Currently, there are 18 topics for the EPP course that your agency will have access to.

  1. Establishment of the Emergency Program
  2. Development and Maintain Emergency Preparedness Program
  3. Maintain and Annual Emergency Program Updates
  4. Emergency Preparedness Program Patient Population
  5. Process for Emergency Preparedness Collaboration
  6. Development of Emergency Plan Policies and Procedure
  7. Policies and Procedures of Risk Assessment
  8. Policies and Procedures for Medical Documents
  9. Development of Communication Plan
  10. Names and Contact Information
  11. Emergency Officials Contact Information
  12. Primary/Alternate Means for Communication
  13. Methods for Sharing Information
  14. Sharing Information on Occupancy/Needs
  15. Emergency Preparedness Training and Testing
  16. Emergency Preparedness Training Program
  17. Emergency Preparedness Testing Requirements
  18. Integrated Health Systems

For a healthcare agency, there are numerous requirements to adhere to and it sure takes a lot of resources and manpower to be able to comply. Thus, GooZam Grow, as an eLearning platform, is here to help you take off the additional load from your shoulders. Let GooZam Grow carry and solve some of your agency’s problems, giving you the opportunity to solve more matters and save additional costs. Let us be a part of your success. Register your agency now to get access to the EPP course and be ready!



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Goozam Grow is an e-Learning Platform for Enterprises aimed at advancing human capacities to prepare for the future of work.