3 Things You Should Know About Healthcare Ethics

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2 min readAug 23, 2021

Every day you take care of patients in need of your care, you carefully assist them and provide medical care as part of your job. However, there is something within you that makes you do more. Every time you take care of a patient, these words pop up in your mind “First, do no harm”.

That’s right, that is a humble maxim of healthcare, yet profound in its own way. That is after all a part of healthcare ethics, and as a professional healthcare provider, it is an utmost necessity for you to possess especially in your career. So here are the 3 things you should know about healthcare ethics.

  1. What is ethics?

According to our sources, ethics is the study of how people treat one another and those around them. You can think of it as a systematic analysis of people’s behaviors and attitudes. Ethics is all about studying the values that guide our attitudes and behaviors, no matter who the person is, we are all practicing ethics daily. Each person has certain values that are important for the individual, and beliefs represent how a person views the nature of existence and understands the world.

2. What is healthcare ethics?

Ethics have multiple branches that stem towards different topics, but we are here to discuss Healthcare Ethics or some call it Medical Ethics. Healthcare Ethics deals primarily with issues regarding health, health care, medicine, and science. It refers to treatments and care options as a choice for the individual, families, and health care providers. It also requires necessary considerations on the relationships between the healthcare professionals and the patients.

3. Why is healthcare ethics important?

Ethics can vary from country to country or culture to culture. We are going to focus on ethics within the US.

  • To act as our moral compass
  • To help resolve disputes with the people involved
  • To maintain a clear conscience
  • To not make yourself look uninformed
  • To maintain the respect of your patients
  • To maintain respectful relationships with other clinicians
  • To maintain some efficiency
  • To reduce burnout

Now you are aware that ethics in healthcare is not something you can just think of as mundane. In fact, every single action you do in your profession is surrounded by decision-making backed by healthcare ethics. GooZam Grow, an e-Learning platform, provides you with the necessary knowledge crucial to your career. Register your agency for FREE now.



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